Snacking is My New Year’s Resolution!

Posted on : January 12th, 2018

Seriously? Snacking is my New Year’s Resolution? Yes, it is! But not any old snacking. This year I resolve to do snacking right!

It used to be thought that grazing throughout the day is better for you than three large meals. This is not necessarily true! What’s important is what’s going to work for you: the goals you have set, the kind of health concerns you have, what is realistic for your lifestyle, what kinds of snacks you eat, how much and how often.

I have set a goal of enjoying my life while eating healthy and still losing weight. I also intend to maintain my energy throughout the day and sleep better at night. When it comes to losing weight nothing seems to work better for me than a high protein and low carb diet, but when it comes to sleeping and good digestion, variety is more than the “spice” of life. It’s pretty essential for my daily routine. So . . . Step #1: Know Yourself! And don’t beat yourself up if what works best for others is not what works best for you! Step #2: Take what you know and apply it to your snacking routine!

For Life on the Go

Maisie Jane's Snack PacksAre you always on the go, rushing here, rushing there, rarely finding the time to sit down to a real meal? Healthy snacks you can take with you in your purse or backpack like Maisie Jane’s snack packs are just the thing! No fuss, no mess, full of protein and perfectly proportioned—just grab one and go!



For Maintaining Energy Throughout the Day

If you’re like me, my biggest problem isn’t rushing about or finding time to eat, it’s making choices that won’t make me sleepy afterwards. If I eat too much, I want to take a nap. If I don’t eat enough, I’ll NEED to take a nap. Snacking on high protein low carb treats satisfies my hunger pangs, keeps my blood sugar stable, and helps me stay energetic all day! I like having small bowls of my favorite flavored nuts on my desk at work or by my side when I’m working on the computer at home. I choose larger bags of my favorites and refill my bowls as needed throughout the day.



Late Night Snack

Smooth Almond ButterOh, I know the diet books always say not to eat late at night. And, believe me, I’ve tried! But going to bed hungry is far worse for me. And eating the few carbs I allow myself late in the day actually helps with a better sleeping routine. But I want to keep that meal light so that’s why snacking with Maisie Jane’s nut butters are a godsend for me! Organic Smooth Almond Butter on a gluten-free waffle with a little yogurt and fruit is my favorite— delicious to eat, with enough protein and fat to keep me satisfied! Try all our nut butters and see what works for you!

Happy snacking!



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