Happy National Beer Day!

Posted on : April 2nd, 2024

As Maisie Jane’s doesn’t promote heavy drinking, we do like to highlight some fun new ways of celebrating and enjoying a timed Country/American tradition: BEER. We want to share with you a dynamic recipe for making the perfect ‘RED BEER’ that will knock your boots off!


If you haven’t yet dived into the world of Red Beers, then now is the time. With springtime upon us, it offers the perfect refreshing drink with the sun’s warmth now kissing us!  


Maisie's Husband, Isidro drinking the yummy red beer!

What is Red Beer

If you like a savory beverage that’s bursting with mouthwatering ‘zingy flavor’ bubbling with carbonation and a dash of heat, then you’ve got to try this! You start with choosing your favorite ‘lighter’ beer. 

We recommend the Ramble West Brewery Elodia Mexican Lager or Farmer’s Brewing Co. Farmers Light

Then you add the ‘red’! This can come in the form of a tomato-based beverage. 

Beer Bundle

Some like the Mexican brand Clamato. 

But for the most epic flavor try Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix.  This ‘red’ base is an explosion of fresh tomato flavor, the perfect citrus tang, hints of terrific heat from peppers, and the unique subtle smoky flavor that comes from being made in an aged bourbon barrel. With using the Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix, there’s no need to add more spice from a chili sauce that’s a bonus! We like topping this Red Beer off with adding one to two Spicy Beans from Penna Olive Co.  This adds the fun factor by having a little nibble bonus to your drink and makes it very aesthetically pleasing! Think of it as a Bloody Mary but in a bubbly beer form.

The origin:

With Mexico’s location near the equator and the desert topography, you can’t blame the Hispanic community for getting creative with their beverages. If you ask me, they were as smart as can be! Since tomatoes grow prolifically in Mexico it seems only natural to toss the juice from these beautiful red ripe globes from their gardens to one of their favorite refreshing beverages. It only added more vitamins and health benefits to their drink as well.  

Aid to a hangover!

Maybe you’ve heard, “just drink a beer to help with your hangover”, or even the notion of having a Bloody Mary will help aid with a hangover. This has also been referred to as “Hair of the dog” which refers to curing a hangover by drinking more alcohol. As this can provide temporary relief, drinking more alcohol could worsen your hangover. However, a study published in the Journal of Medicine which evaluated the diets of participants both before and after excessive drinking did find that people whose diets contained greater amounts of zinc and B vitamins had less severe headaches. Tomatoes, among other attributes, are wealthy in multiple B vitamins AND zinc, so a red beer could hit the spot for a post-celebration night.  


Have Fun and Please Drink Responsibly!

Maisie Janes and Her Nutty Team.