Simple and Special: A Stress-Free Easter Morning Breakfast

Posted on : March 28th, 2024

3 different flavors of farmhouse Biscuits, the Two English Ladies Tea, and Maisie Jane's Creme Peppermints.

Easter Morning

Let’s face it, when it comes to Easter morning breakfast things can be a little hectic. At least in my family’s household, it is. It starts with the kid’s over-the-top excitement of gazing and enjoyment of all the treats in their Easter basket that the Easter bunny left them. They’ve for sure already eaten a piece of candy or chocolate egg in the first hour of their awakening.  

Then it’s the dash outside for the traditional easter egg hunt! Which sibling will get the most eggs that the bunny hid? Even as older teenagers my three girls sprint like it’s the 100meter dash! The adrenaline they have from sprinting from planter to planter in the garden and scouring the entire property is exhausting just watching them and for sure entices their appetites for some food as soon as they get back in the house.  

At this point, our family is frantically getting ready to make the Easter mass service and then off to our family’s annual picnic at Black Butte Lake. Which leaves us little to no time for an elaborate breakfast that requires much clean-up. That’s why I just love this Easter morning breakfast. It’s so simple with no cooking required. It’s not heavy since let’s face it, the day of Easter involves continual grazing on appetizers, honey-glazed ham, smoked turkey, deviled eggs, and so many more delicious foods. Thus, this light, quick, easy, yet very special Easter morning breakfast.  


In January when my mother Mary Jane and my oldest daughter, Isabela joined me at the Dallas gift show we stumbled upon a very impressive Biscuit-making company, from Lancashire in the United Kingdom called Farmhouse Biscuits. This family has been making biscuits since 1962 and today they use the same recipes. 

Why change something so good? 

They are so rich, buttery, and fresh tasting. It was a no-brainer that we wanted to share these yummy biscuits with our special customers! They come in flavors of Strawberry & Clotted Cream, Honey & Oat, Milk Chocolate Chip, and Dark Chocolate Orange, and all 4 flavors can be found at Maisie Jane’s online or in our Gift Shop. Did I mention the beautiful packaging? I’d recommend picking one for yourself and another to give as a gift as their packaging is simply adorable.  

Lemon Curd

The Two English Ladies, an English mother, daughter, and father, who lives right here in Chico, CA have created the freshest and most traditional Lemon Curd product in the marketplace, and it’s shelf-stable! It is a must for Easter morning breakfast. Let’s talk about a yummy pairing with the Biscuits we talked about from Farmhouse Biscuits! The Two English Ladies Lemon curd truly does taste homemade.  

Easter Eggs

Since your children have just hunted and collected the 5-dozen hard-boiled and colored eggs minutes earlier it’s silly to think that you wouldn’t get cracking them. These beautiful eggs should become the centerpiece of your breakfast. Offering your protein to kick-start your fun-filled day and there’s no cooking required.

Get your beautiful and healthy pink Himalayan salt out and that’s it. Other than the working hands of your family there’s nothing else needed to enjoy these tasty eggs that hold the true meaning of Easter, life and fertility!  

The Tea

To top off this English-inspired Easter morning Breakfast we suggest my all-time favorite tea. Yes, it’s another great product from Two English Ladies who hold the recipe of the Royal Palace’s High noon tea. It’s truly a moment of enjoyment every time I take a sip of the Two English Ladies Buckingham Palace English Tea.  It is smooth and bold at the same time. I drink it black but my girls love adding a bit of cream and honey for a more traditional English way.  

Orange slices

Since oranges are in season now, they offer that perfect splash of “fresh” to this Easter morning spread. Slice in thin circles and arrange a platter for an impressive centerpiece on your dining table.  

Add the extras!


The night before Easter morning set your table. Pick an arrangement from your yard with some sprigs of fresh-cut floral that spring offers. Get your China plates and teacups out, why not? When else do you get to use these special pieces? Put a dish out with Maisie Jane’s Chocolate

 Crème Peppermints. These make for the perfect pop of color and a little dish of happy delights that can be nibbled on throughout this special day. These are the things that your family members will notice and appreciate and become memories of the holiday.   

Maisie Jane’s hopes we’ve instilled some ideas that will help you and your loved ones have a more meaningful Easter Celebration where you will enjoy the life and love around you.

Happy Easter! 

With Gratitude, 

Maisie Jane and her Nutty Team.