When Almond Hulls Split

Posted on : July 25th, 2019

We’re seeing our first hull splits! That means harvest time is on its way!

Really? Well, not right away, but splits in July indicate a phase in the lifetime of the almond that lets us know that things are proceeding at a good pace.

After almond bloom season in February and March, almond fruits start to form on the tree branches. What we call the almond “nut” is actually the kernel inside the pit of the fruit. You can eat almond fruits when they’re still green. But the season for that is quite short and we far prefer to leave those fruits alone so the nuts inside can fully mature.

Throughout the spring and early summer months, the fuzzy green fruit changes in color as it starts to dry. Then in mid-July to mid-August splits start to form. At this point, they’re just a deep crease that is just beginning to separate a little on the side. But after a few weeks, those splits should separate and open up to allow the almond shells to be exposed to the air. They need that exposure in order to dry. Eventually the almond hull (what used to be the fruit), dries, turns brown and opens almost completely. The nuts inside will be plainly visible at that point in time.

When 95-100% of the hulls are split open, it’s harvest time! Our favorite time of year.

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