We Need a Little Christmas Now

Posted on : November 26th, 2018


Remember the scene in the film and musical “Auntie Mame” when Mame has lost her job and all her money in the stock market crash? It wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet but she got everyone in her household to deck the halls early and sang the now traditional song “We Need a Little Christmas.” Never saw it? Check out the video above!

“We need a little music
Need a little laughter
Need a little singing
Ringing through the rafter
And we need a little snappy
‘Happy ever after’
Need a little Christmas now”

That’s the idea I want to put out today! All the people from the mountain communities in the Camp Fire district as well as those of us supporting them here in Chico are feeling the impact of that terrible fire. There’s a tendency to feel guilty about buying “stuff” when people we know and love have lost so much.

But there’s another sentiment trickling up that I think is SO important! Auntie Mame’s idea, in fact! That we need to promote normality and feeling like it’s ‘okay’ to celebrate the season and be happy, even in—no, especially in—these tough times. For the sake of everyone’s peace of mind (and keeping the local economy going) we need to enjoy this holiday season! We need music and lights and gifts under the tree! And we need the joy of being able to shop for our families, friends and neighbors and share of ourselves with each other. That’s even true for those who feel like they’ve lost everything—they haven’t, they have us! (Receiving the gift of a gift card can help those who think they can’t afford to buy gifts this year. Plus we’re offering a 15% discount for people displaced by the fire with proof of residence.)

Shop local! Make it a real community-oriented celebration!

Supporting local retailers will not only help retain a vibrant Chico economy but will also bring happiness to oneself by being out in the community and connecting with others along with soaking in the positive festive charm that the local retailers offer so vibrantly. The smells, tastes, and warm touches of the season can’t be experienced by clicking on your electronic device and making online purchases from a nameless, faceless online entity. We challenge you to get out there and EXPERIENCE what the holiday season is all about, and soak up the love and warmth from your local community!

And while you’re out there, stop by for some hot apple cider and say hello to family and friends at our sweet, fully decked out country store at 1324 Dayton Rd. in Chico. We look forward to seeing you!

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