We Couldn’t Do It Without the Bees

Posted on : February 12th, 2019

Meet one of our biggest business partners: the honeybees! The importance of bees for almonds is so valuable that the relationships between almond growers and the beekeepers we work with go back for years. Almonds, like many crops, are not self-pollinating. So between January and March we depend on bees coming into our orchards to do the work for us. And in return the bees get the delicious and highly nutritious nectar they need at a time of year when hardly anything else is in bloom!

Helping Our Natural Pollinators Thrive

We care deeply about the health of pollinators and the health of the planet. Growing many of our almonds organically without pesticide and chemical exposure helps, of course. But we also do a variety of additional things specifically to create a healthy bee habitat. For example, we leave some of the orchards’ natural grasses in place to attract not only bees but other beneficial insects that decrease the number of invasive pests that harm the almond crop and the health of our trees.

The natural vegetation on Comanche Creek serves as the perimeter of our organic orchard

There is also a creek along the border of our organic almond orchard where we have planted native bushes and plants to create a safe forage area for the bees. It also serves as a natural habitat for other beneficial insects, and we think it is creating a healthier more balanced ecosystem.

Our Local Bee Hives

In addition to the wild pollinators that find their way to our orchards, like most almond growers we bring bee hives in during almond bloom season. But our bees come from local hives. We don’t overly stress them by freighting them across the country to arrive at our farm. Hives moved over long distance appear to be more susceptible to disease and colony collapse because of the stress of moving and the drastic change of their surroundings. Imagine if you were constantly moved against your will from place to place! Our bees do have the experience of being moved once a year, usually in late January – early February, but live the rest of year in their familiar nearby home.

Maisie Jane's HoneyMaisie Jane’s Honey

Guess what? You can buy honey from our local beekeeper’s hives right here at Maisie Jane’s! It’s delicious and comes in a cute honey bear container in our gift shop and in our online store. And it’s delicious with our wonderful healthy Organic Almond Butter (made with nothing but 100% dry-roasted nuts) on toast or an English muffin. Try it with our Organic Cashew Butter, too!

We love our bees! And we do our best to take care of them. You can, too. Find out more . . .

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