Unlocking the Secret of Nuts in Your Dreams

Posted on : February 20th, 2018

This writer has always had a fascination with dreams. I used to sleep with a dream journal next to my bed so I could record them when I woke up. I took a class in dream interpretation in college. I have also had a lot of fun acting as an amateur dream interpreter for my friends. So, of course, while attempting to dream up topics for The Nut Blog my mind eventually went to what almonds and other nuts symbolize in dreams!

If you look this up in dream books you’ll find some diverse interpretations, mostly positive but some negative. Ultimately, what nuts mean to YOU in your personal symbology is most important. However, because we are products of our cultures and environment, it is not surprising that specific themes related to nuts are fairly common.

If you dream of a bowl of nuts, chances are you feel in waking life that you have a lot on your plate. You might be so busy that it’s driving you a little nuts! How you feel in the dream about that, however, is the key to understanding what the dream might be trying to say. Nuts almost always symbolize abundance: prosperity, nurturance, riches. However, it might mean that this good fortune comes after a period of hard work and adversity. In other words, you might have a lot to handle now but if you can have enough faith and muster the fortitude to keep going, perhaps by gathering the help you need, it’s going to work out. In fact, if the dream books are correct, it’s likely to work out REALLY well.

Did you eat the nuts in your dream? If you didn’t enjoy them, that may mean that you’re having trouble digesting what’s offered to you in life. But if you did enjoy them, hooray! You have the ability to take in the abundant nourishment available in the universe which is ALWAYS a good thing.

Maisie Jane's AlmondsDid the nuts fall from the sky? Even better! Your riches are coming easily now.

Almonds have a particularly nice symbolism. It’s the same as most nuts in terms of abundance and wealth but add in the topic of love! If you dream of lying under an almond tree in full bloom, true love is coming to you. Perhaps you’re even going to get married! At the very least, you can expect some kind of union with different aspects of yourself that has the great potential of bringing you your heart’s desire. You might be going on a journey of some sort— either a physical one or a spiritual adventure. But it’s going to be great! Your heart is going to be full.

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