The Harvest Is Coming!

Posted on : July 24th, 2020

Soon-to-be Maisie Jane’s Natural Almonds!

Look at these sweet little nut-buds. The openings, called hull splits, ensure that these will become actual edible almonds very soon.

Hull splits are the opening of the almond husks that allow the nut meats to finish developing and dry. Specifically, for all you nut nerds (we resemble that remark): according to The Almond Doctor, whether this happens in June or July depends on nut variety, available nutrients, “tree stress” (we try to keep ours calm) and weather factors beyond our control.


First, the almond trees burst into bowers of blooms in the spring.

They’re all pink and white, beloved of bees, carpeting the orchard floors with their soft petals. Then come the hull splits. Next, during the almond harvest, we’ll get to “shake it up” with our mechanical tree shakers, sweep up the almonds and collect them to be hulled and shelled…as Maisie Jane’s family has done for four generations.

I’ll tell you more about the harvest once it’s underway. For now, we wait in sweet anticipation of our orchard’s eventual bounty.

In the meantime, please do enjoy the fruits of our most recent labors.

You’ll find them here at our Online Gift Shop, or at Maisie Jane’s Country Store in beautiful downtown Chico, California for locally-sourced food favorites, tempting gift baskets, natural beauty products, jewelry, adorable farm-themed home décor and more.

We love our work and love serving you.


From our place to your place…all in the family.

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