Snacking with Almonds

Posted on : May 28th, 2020

I need to up my snacking game. Somehow under the spell of pandemic lockdown too many store bought cookies wound up in my house! So now I’m in semi-regret. They were good but I don’t even dare step on the scale. Luckily, I know how healthy almonds and almond butter are. But I need some new ideas so I poked around the internet and found some great ones!

Almond Butter Toast

What? That sounds boring, right? But no, this blogger had some great ideas. How about almond butter on toast with sliced strawberries? Or topped with cacoa nibs or chocolate chips? Shredded coconut? Yes, please!

Almond Butter Protein Muffins with Chocolate Chips

I know from experience that if I’m craving something sweet between meals I usually need protein. This recipe is a great way to get that protein fix in a muffin that is lightly sweet.

Vanilla Almond Snack Bars

Try these with chopped dried apricots instead of dates or as an addition. Lots of almond in this!

Maple Almond Butter Snack Mix

I think this is my FAVORITE! I love snack mixes. And this one is infinitely customizable.

Almond Snacks from Maisie Janes

Alright, I’m going to admit it. I was all in on cooking everything from scratch when the pandemic lockdowns started. But now I’ve lost my mojo a bit (hence the cookies). Want some ready-made snacks that are better than that? Me, too! And that’s where Maisie Jane’s shines. Check out our flavored nuts, chocolate nuts, and perfectly sized snack pack opportunities! And if you’re a fan of nuts and dried fruit, check out our California Bounty Box. A great gift as well as something the whole family will enjoy!

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