Orangutans Love Maisie Jane’s Nut Butters—No Palm Oil!

Posted on : January 8th, 2019

orangutanHere’s another reason to love Maisie Jane’s nut butters: we don’t add palm oil to any of our products! And that should make the orangutans happy because the big demand for palm oil has led to the destruction of their natural habitat. In various parts of the world—Indonesia in particular—the natural landscape has been clearcut in order to replant with a palm oil monoculture. And that has led to the decimation of the orangutan population. The Sumatran Orangutan is now on the critically endangered species list.

The Sumatran Orangutan are such close cousins to us as humans that their very name “orang” (translated as “person” or “people”) and “hutan” (“forest”) means “person of the forest.” They’re very intelligent, communicating with each other through a kind of sign language that can include up to 64 different gestures! They live mostly on fruit and insects, and are one of the few animals we know that make simple tools from sticks in order to collect what they eat. They even save their favorite tools, eventually amassing entire “toolboxes” of different lengths that they use for different purposes. Orangutans in captivity have been taught American sign language and typically imitate the humans they interact with. They’ve even learned to wash clothes, row boats, and hammer nails into wood.

Unfortunately, palm oil is such a valuable commodity that economic conditions push communities into making choices that have caused a crisis for these remarkable creatures. Palm oil is an additive that some nut butter companies use to keep their products from separating on the shelf. Being a highly saturated fat it tends to congeal at room temperature. That helps with shelf stability and creating products that have less need for refrigeration.

But it is at such a cost! Saturated fat is NOT good for your health any more than it is good for the orangutans. Too much saturated fat in your diet can lead to high cholesterol of the unhealthy variety. And that can lead to a significantly higher risk of heart disease.

At Maisie Jane’s we want the nut butters we make for you and your family to be as healthy as possible. That why we never use palm oil in them. In fact, we don’t add anything to our unflavored jars of nut butter except 100% dry-roasted nuts! Yes, you’ll have to stir the nut butters when you first open them. But we think that’s a small price to pay for a product that is healthier for you and healthier for the planet. They’re all Non-GMO Project Verified and most of them are USDA Organic, Kosher Certified, and gluten-free as well.  And they’re made in a plant that does NOT process peanuts. We have so many delicious varieties to choose from as well. Crunchy and smooth almond butter, cashew butter, and new flavored varieties like Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Almond, and Sea Salted Caramel Cashew Butter. You’ll want to try them all!

Maisie Jane's Nut Butters

Maisie Jane’s Nut Butters

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