5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Maisie Jane’s Nut Butter

Posted on : February 22nd, 2017

myth or reality question in wood typThere are mixed reviews out there about nut butter. Some people think it’s good for you and some people think it’s bad for you because of the high-fat content and sugars. Some brands of nut butter have a bad reputation because they don’t spread well, have a weird texture, or their labels aren’t telling the whole truth.

While opinions of nut butter can be subjective and based on personal preference, there are some myths you may be believing. Nut butter is becoming increasingly popular because of the health benefits. We do things a little differently here at Maisie Jane’s to produce an amazing product that not only tastes good but is also good for you and we want to make sure you know the truth about our product.

It’s important to know that when we write about nut butter, we exclude peanut butter. We don’t have peanuts at all in our production center which means that our nut products never come in contact with peanuts and are safe for people with peanut allergies or sensitivities.

Let’s start going over a few common myths that you might have heard about nut butter.

Myth #1: You should avoid nut butter because it’s high in fats


Nut butter is a great source of protein and contains good fats. For a complete and healthy diet, you should be consuming a certain amount of good fats throughout the day. Did you know almonds contain only 1 gram of saturated fat and have 13 grams of unsaturated fat per ounce? Our nut butter is a good way to get your good fats because we only use one ingredient in our plain nut butter: the nuts! We don’t add any additional oils, sugars or preservatives.

Myth #2: Pasteurizing the almond doesn’t make it raw anymore which makes nut butter less inferior


Our nut butter is made with dry roasted nuts which take the place of the pasteurization process. The almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts are all dry roasted which gives a delicious flavor when we create our butter.

The nuts that aren’t dry roasted are steam pasteurized, which means that they can still sprout. Because the FDA recognizes that the steaming process doesn’t change the ‘essential characteristics’ of the almond, our almonds are still considered ‘raw’ by most individuals.

So, whether you’re purchasing our nut butter or nuts from our various nut selection, you’re going to get a quality product that has excellent flavor.

Myth #3: You should avoid eating nut butter because of added oils


This might be true with other brands of nut butter, but our nut butter doesn’t have any added oils. We rely on the natural oils from the nuts themselves to create a delicious masterpiece that you can spread on bread, top ice cream, or dip fruit.

Myth #4: Roasted nuts always have additional oils


Oil is not required to roast nuts. We dry roast our nuts without the use of additional oils. We use barrel style fire-roasting which allows us to give our nut products an amazingly delicious flavor while still providing a healthier snack.

Myth #5: Eating nut butter makes you gain weight so you should avoid it


Everything in moderation, right? Nuts are no exception. Nuts can have quite a few calories in one serving but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid them all together. Nuts are a superfood, high in protein and fiber so you should be adding them to your diet in moderation.

Check out our delicious nut butter made with our organic and conventional nuts. You can easily order your nut butter online and have it delivered straight to your door – quality products with added convenience.

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