What Does it Mean to Be Nuts About Nuts?

Posted on : October 26th, 2017

Maisie Jane's AlmondsWe’re nuts about nuts at Maisie Jane’s . . . but why exactly do we use the term “nuts” like that? Well, it turns out tracking down the origin of the expression is a tough nut to crack!

It seems that the use of the word “nuts” to mean crazy about something evolved over a long time. Apparently, the British loved nuts because as early as 1610 they were using the term “nuts” to mean “any source of pleasure”. By 1785, the meaning evolved to mean “being fond of” but by 1846 to be “off one’s nut” meant a person had gone insane.

That’s because “nut” was also slang for head. Perhaps that’s because a head, like a nut, consists of a hard shell (the skull) that encases a softer meat we call the brain. A cracked skull (a cracked “nut”) could lead to brain damage so the old term “to be nuts” (fond of) something merged with slang related to being a little “cracked” (eccentric, crazy). Americans are thought to be the ones that connected the two meanings. Eventually, to be nuts about something meant you loved something so much you had gone a little crazy for it.

So what do you do if you’re nuts about nuts? Indulge in it! They’re good for you, after all. And with so many wonderful nut products to choose from, Maisie Jane’s is a great resource for all your “going nuts” needs!

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