How to Save Dinner with Almond Butter

Posted on : August 22nd, 2019

Vegetables and noodles with almond sauce

A few nights ago I wanted something healthy but was feeling too lazy (and hungry!) to go grocery shopping. I found some chicken in the freezer and a few not-very-inspiring vegetables in the crisper. It would be healthy, I guess, but BORING! Not enough variety in the veggies and not enough flavor to suit my style. I started rummaging through the refrigerator and found some bottled General Tsao’s sauce I bought for a Chinese dinner but did not like because it was too sweet. But right on the shelf above it was my jar of Maisie Jane’s Organic Smooth Almond Butter! Hmmm . . . I had soy sauce in my cupboard and some ginger and hot chile pepper in my spice rack. Next thing I knew I was mixing a little of this, a little of that, added enough water to make it sauce . . . and it was GOOD!

Of course, I did not write that recipe down. But plenty of chefs on the internet have been happy to share their quick and easy dinner-time fixes using almond butter and a little creativity. Here is a quick review of some of my favorites:

Vegan Almond Butter Sauce for Vegetables and Noodles. I’ve shared this one on the blog before—it’s probably what inspired my dinner earlier in the week.

Bon Appétit’s Smooth and Spicy Almond Butter Sauce. This looks delicious! They called it the best thing they have done with almond butter in a long time. It’s also quite versatile. Use it as a dipping sauce or pour it over veggies and meat, add it to soup, or add water and use it for salad dressing. Yum!

The Best Balsamic Almond Butter Dressing. This one combines maple syrup with almond butter and balsamic. I love maple syrup and almond butter combined (put that on waffles — so good!). I never thought to make salad dressing with it. I think this would be great on fruit salad — especially with fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Almond Butter Vinaigrette. Speaking of raspberries, this salad dressing combines almond butter with raspberry vinaigrette! Over mixed greens, I bet it’s really good!

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