The Healthiest Nuts are Here at Maisie Jane’s!

Posted on : October 10th, 2017

fire roasting almondsHere at the Nut Blog we’re wild about nuts! We love growing them, creating great nut products with them, cooking with them, searching out great recipes and coming up with our own, or just eating them by the handful. And, of course, we’re thrilled that our nuts are grown in ecologically sustainable ways and are really good for your health!

But the other day I wondered which nuts are the very healthiest?

Well, of course, nutritionists disagree but Pistachios, Cashews and Almonds are always near the top of the list. All three are high in protein, fiber and good fats and they’re lower in calories than many other nuts, but they have other great qualities besides.


Pistachios get high marks for some interesting reasons. Enjoying the process of shelling them seems to have a calming effect on the mind and that in turn calms the appetite! Hmmm. As a child, this author always liked cracking the shells off with my teeth and feeling the funny effect of having my tongue inside the smooth curve inside the shell as much as eating the nuts inside. . . but I’m not sure that’s what the registered dietitians discussing this effect had in mind!


Cashews are rich in two minerals everybody needs: copper and magnesium. Copper is needed for your body to be able to use iron properly. It also plays an important role in sugar metabolism and brain function. Magnesium helps regulate muscle and nerve function, is essential for a healthy heart, and can help control blood sugar. It’s actually hard to get enough magnesium in your diet—it especially gets depleted when you’re under a lot of stress. So eating magnesium rich cashews can benefit you a lot!


Almonds are also a good source of magnesium as well as calcium and folate (essential for iron metabolism). They are also the nut most rich in Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant useful for a healthy immune system, eyes and skin. And they’re high in monounsaturated fat which reduces inflammation and can lower the risk of heart disease.

There’s a lot to love about nuts from Maisie Jane’s!


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