Bring In the Wealth of Pistachios

Posted on : March 15th, 2019

Let’s eat pistachios!

Did you know that if you dream of eating pistachios that you’re dreaming about wealth or prosperity? Yup! Especially if you come from the Middle East, the region where pistachios originated, eating pistachios is associated with blessings of all sorts. If the pistachio is mature, it could mean easy money is coming your way. If you pick and eat them green, you might have to work for it first. If they are salted, the profits will come from land and sea. If you’re pregnant, the baby is coming soon.

The symbolism is related to the fact that those who grew pistachios or traded in them became quite wealthy in waking life. They also enjoyed a high status. In fact, the nut was once reserved for royalty. According to legend, the Queen of Sheba loved pistachios so much that she claimed the region’s entire crop for herself and the royal court. She even declared it illegal for commoners to grow them!

Well, That’s Not Fair—Pistachios for Everyone!

Chocolate Toffee Pistachios

Today, of course, we can all partake in this delicious nut. We grow about 550 million pounds of pistachios right here in California. That makes the U.S. the second leading producer of pistachios in the world. And they WILL make you wealthy if you eat them—wealthy in health, that is! According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database, eating pistachios will provide you with more than 30 different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Not only that, a single 1 oz serving contains 6 grams of protein, about the same as an egg.

We love pistachios at Maisie Jane’s. We offer natural roasted in shell pistachios that are lightly salted, and organic roasted and salted pistachios, also in shell. And have you tried our Organic Chocolate Toffee Pistachios? Dipped in butter toffee and milk chocolate, they are sinfully delicious!

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