Balsamic Almond Butter Dressing

Posted on : January 28th, 2020

Was your New Year’s resolution to eat more vegetables? Yeah, mine was, too. The latest Food Pyramid guide recommends 3-5 servings of vegetables a day! And, certainly, every nutritionist agrees that the simple change of eating more vegetables is good for everything from heart health to weight loss. Unfortunately, I feel doomed to fail at this—3-5 servings every day?!!! But then in popped Maisie Jane with a recipe from her own kitchen for a Balsamic Almond Butter Dressing that is sure to turn dull into delicious!

This dressing was designed for salads, of course, but I’m quite certain it would be fantastic on chicken, fish or tofu. I might try it on a hot dish of sweet potatoes, kale, tomatoes and one of those protein options tonight! What makes this recipe work for me is the combination of vinegar and sweet with the earthy nutty flavor of almond or cashew butter mixed in. I’m imagining it in a stir fry dish right now—yes, I’m sure that would be delicious with a little soy sauce mixed in. Leave that out for the salad dressing though. Taste it as you go to get the mix just right for you.

Balsamic Almond Butter Dressing



Add all ingredients in a bowl, whisk vigorously. Taste test the dressing, adding more sweetener or more balsamic to taste as needed. Store extra in fridge for 1 week!

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