“Am-end” or “Almond”?

Posted on : June 9th, 2021

If you grew up in Chico or anywhere in the Northern California region you may know about the almond pronunciation debacle. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve travelled elsewhere, mentioned the word, and gotten a look of puzzlement. Well, today we want to explain to you why this four generation farming family of Maisie Jane’s, as well as many others, have grown up saying “am-end,” and we are stickin’ to it! 

Now, there’s not exactly a definitive reason to why the “l” is silent. The most popular reason you may hear is while the nut is on the tree it’s almond, but during harvest we shake the “l” out and it becomes “am-end.” 

However, according to ANR News Blog, written by Jeanette E. Warnert, a UC Davis plant breeder was able to give a plausible explanation. 

“When almonds were first introduced by Spanish missionaries, almendras (pronounced with the l) did not succeed. Later immigrants from France and Portugal, who pronounced the nut amandola and amande respectively, brought the crop to Central California. Somewhere along the line the use of am-end stuck in Northern California, while the Spanish-inspired noun grew popular elsewhere.”

In the future if you hear “am-end,” you will know that that person is either from a long line of almond farmers from Northern California, or they are familiar with the story created to make the explanation a little more light hearted. 

Regardless of how you pronounce it, we hope you enjoy these nutty beauties for what they are; delicious! 

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