Almonds Are Fruit! Should you Eat Them?

Posted on : April 2nd, 2018

Green Almond Fruit

Did you know that in some parts of the world almonds are eaten as a fruit? It’s true! The nut that we typically eat in the Western world is actually the inner seed of the almond fruit pit, known as a drupe. Almonds are in the botanical family “Prunus” which is the same family as plums (prunes), peaches, cherries, nectarines and apricots. All of these are also known as “stone fruits” because the fleshy and often delicious fruit that we typically eat surrounds a hard stone or wood-like seed found inside. Usually these seeds are never eaten—in some cases they might even be poisonous! In fact, a form of almond called “Bitter Almonds” fall into that category. But the ones we eat, also known as “Sweet Almonds,” are not only good to eat, they’re good for you!

But back to the fruit. Should you eat them?

Well, good luck with that! The season for almond fruit is extremely short, only a few weeks long in the Spring. The almonds need to be eaten before the nuts inside start to harden and while still fresh—which means green—and only keep in the refrigerator for a few days. They’re actually considered best the same day they are picked. That makes them a bit of a rare delicacy and some people definitely think of them that way!  But other people consider them at best . . . interesting.

The texture varies depending on almond variety and when they are picked from gelatinous to somewhat creamy inside a crunchy fuzzy outer skin. The entire fruit is eaten, including the soft developing seed which is often considered the best part! The taste is a bit difficult to describe. Delicate. A little tart, a little like a vegetable, a little almondy, especially late in fruit-eating season.

In places where they are regularly eaten, the most common approach is to sprinkle them with olive oil, dip them into salt or sugar, and just pop them into your mouth! But you can also slice them and add them to salads, make them into soup, or even pickle them!

I came across a video that I’m sharing with you today by someone who calls himself the “weird fruit explorer.” It’s part of a series where he tries a little known fruit for the first time and reviews it in real time. His first impression of green almond fruit was amusing! I think you’ll enjoy what he had to say.

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