Add Nut Butter to Your Diet and Feed Your Inner Beast

Posted on : September 21st, 2016

silhouette_of_strong_fighterOnce upon a time, man ate not for the joy of food, but to stay alive. Commodities didn’t include white sugar or bread and butter with every meal. Man hunted for his food, stalking his family’s next meal through the wild. For sustenance, he nibbled on vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Snacks didn’t include watercress crackers with a side of brie and cured pork. If it couldn’t be grown and picked (or hunted) it was irrelevant.

This was back when man’s body was a highly efficient machine. Pre-workout was a handful of almonds and a prayer to the gods for a productive excursion to the lion’s den. Wake, slay, rest, repeat. Somewhere along the road to now, man forgot how to…well, be man. Filling his body with refined sugars, processed meats, milk, starches, alcohol, and mom’s famous casserole. We took a well-functioning apparatus and turned it into a mechanism requiring far more reparations than we can achieve in a short amount of time.

How do you return to this former glory?

You are bombarded daily with a plethora of paths to perfect health and the perfect body. Companies advertise weight loss supplements, energy enhancers, and powdered synthetics, diet, and exercise plans. But what should you choose? What is the right path for you? Too many people are placing too much value on expensive drinks, complex plans requiring specific intake at specific times for a specific outcome when in reality we’re all looking for the same golden egg: to feel like the highly functioning instrument our bodies used to be.

Many people have decided to put down the energy drinks. They’ve thrown out the canisters of empty protein powder promises and have stopped trying to trick their body into improvement and begun treating it like the beast it was made to be. Going back to the natural, clean foods that nature provided us to keep our bodies healthy. Yes, it takes work and sometimes blood, sweat, and tears, but you can also make a few simple diet changes that can make a huge difference.

One of those changes is adding nut butter to your diet. We’re not talkin’ about your mama’s peanut butter. We’re talking about pure almond butter. You can’t just assume any old nut butter is the healthy choice – in fact, don’t skim over the nutrition labels because most almond butters contain sugar and have added oil, but you can trust Maisie Jane’s brand to be PURE – our cashew and almond butters are free from any other ingredients, and adding them to your diet can be a game changer.

Step up your game

Adding nut butter into your daily routine can boost your body’s performance and overall health. If you’re wondering what nut butter can do for you or you’re asking why you should spend the money to make the switch from whatever you’re using right now, and how you can use nut butters to help return your body to its former glory, then here are three facts about our nut butters that’ll get you interested:

  1. Nuts amp up your protein intake. Almond butter has 6 grams of protein per ounce. That’s 6 grams of protein in something you can fit into 1/3 of a shot glass.
  2. Nuts have healthy fats your body can properly digest, process, and feed to your cells, not for storage (which is how you gain weight) but for fuel – to keep you energized throughout the day and keep you functioning at a higher capacity than normal.
  3. Nuts have vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Calcium, and Iron.

You were King of the Jungle once

We are genetically pre-disposed to be the superior species on earth. When you were unsatisfied with your body’s performance, you did something about it. You woke up and realized you, and you alone, have the choice. You knew it didn’t start with running marathons. You knew it’d be a process. You knew, and you dove in anyway.

At Maisie Jane’s, we hold the same beliefs you’ve found to be true – a healthy diet mixed with a healthy lifestyle will bring you back to your original form: a clean living, unstoppable life force. You stepped out of the tired cycle of a life revolving around attempts to maximize rest and relaxation at the expense of your body. You’ve looked mundane-induced exhaustion in the face and told it, “This isn’t me anymore. I’m better than this.” It’s why you’re here, at our site, looking for the perfect product to incorporate into your diet so that it, too, doesn’t become mundane.

Incorporating nuts, or nut butters, into your daily diet isn’t just going to provide health benefits. It also won’t just improve your quality of life. It’s going to change the way you are thinking about your diet. A diet meant to sustain the strong, the quick, the survivor. So grab a jar and feed your inner beast – because we know once you taste them, you won’t go a day without them.

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